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Tiberius (14-37 AD)

Valerius Gratus (15-26 AD)
#220012 JUDEA, Year 3? (16 A.D.), AE lepton, KAI/CAP in two lines within a wreath, Rx: palm branch flanked by L and C., Hen 105var., F+
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Antonius Felix (52-60 AD)
#220017 JUDEA,Year 14 (54 A.D.), AE lepton, IOY/ ΛI(AAΓ)/ PIΠ(ΠI)/ N(A) within a wreath, Rx: two crossed palm branches with LIΔ below, (KΛAYΔIO)C KAICAP Γ(EPM) around, Hen 116, H 651, F+
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