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Rusty  Pennies Fixed Price Sale #52


There are a few specificities of Soviet coinage that are worth mentioning.
Until break up of Soviet Union, Soviet coins were not much of demand in former Russian Empire.
When talers, Ancient Greek tetradrachms and Russian Imperial Roubles were widely available,
many collectors considered below their level to collect soviet coins.
There were no banks, where one could get uncirculated coins from, and Mints were not selling new issues.
Most coins came from circulation, and often it is extremely hard to find a gem BU coin of earlier days.

Beginning with 1957 year set, Soviet Mint issued a full set of coins every year except for 1963.
The coins issued in those sets were different from coins intended for circulation.
Mint buffed the dies to make it look somewhat proof-like, but totally ignored basic rules of hygiene, when packing them in cellophane or plastic.
More often then not, coins in sealed holders have spots and discoloration. Perfectly clean coin out of year sets is not easy to find.

Many collectors in Soviet Union did not quite understand that coins in year sets were differently struck
from coin for circulation and preferred to break sets to have “better” coins in their collection.
Very often alloys in coins after 1961 monetary reform were not mixed very well and more sensitive metals got affected by elements resulting in spots.
Most of the time there is no correlation of rarity between coins in circulation and coins in the sets. I believe it is very reasonable to collect both.
The coins struck for circulation I call “business strike” and coins from year sets I call “specimen strike”.

I do believe that it is very interesting as well as important to collect coins of Soviet Union.
There is a very well framed time period, from 1921 until 1991.
Those of us who lived through Cold War, remember how often that cold was so close to hot one.

Coin collecting always leads to broader study of time, system, culture, traditions and habits of people of that time.
Even though we do not learn anything from history, it is my hope that one day we will.
Here is good opportunity if you already collect them to add few, or if you did not before, start a new collection.

PART I. HALF KOPEK 1927 AND 1 KOPEK (1925-1991)

PART II. 2 KOPECKS (1926-1991)

PART III. 3 KOPECKS (1937-1991)

PART IV. 5 KOPECKS (1940-1991)

PART V. 10 KOPECKS (1921-1991)

PART VI. 15 KOPECKS (1923-1991)

PART VII. 20 KOPECKS (1943-1991)


PART IX. 1 ROUBLE (1961-1991)


Please examine images carefully, if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask for additional images.
All purchases will be final. I will accept returns only if a mistake in description was made or the coin was determined to be not genuine by NGC or PCGS

Reference books on Soviet Coins that we have for sale at the moment.