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#170 1987, May 15, Al Alloy medal commemorating launch of spaceship “Energia” (Energy). That failed launch was carrying military laser system “Polyus” (Pole) marked as “Mir 2” (Peace 2). It never reached the orbit and two following attempts had failed as well, obv: Spaceship on a scaffold 15 MAЯ 1987г. 21ч. 30м. / KOCMOДPOM<<БAЙKOHУP around, rx: MEДAЛ ЬOH / ИЗГOTOBЛEH / ИЗ METAЛЛA / PAKETЫHOCИTEЛЯ / “ЭHEPГИ Я” (This medallion is made out of metal from rocket “Energy”) in 5 lines, 3 tulips below and 5 stars on a ribbon above. Very RARE!!!, AU
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