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Charles V (1675-1690)
#085 ND (ca 1720), AE medal by Ferdinand de Saint Urbain, of Charles V and Eleanore Marie of Austria, former wife of Michael Korybut, Queen of Poland (1670-1673), Beaupre 35, Lepage 53, 47mm in diameter, UNC
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#102 1985, AV, AR & Cu set of 3 medals Commemorating John Paul II, custom framed in both sides observance frame in 18 Karat GOLD, Sterling SILVER and BRONZE: AV .750, 0.2648 tr. oz, CAPELLA XISTI MCMLXXX-MCMXC, AR .925, 0.2590 tr. oz, PAX SIT INTER HOMINES MCMLXXXV and Cu 0.2653 tr. oz, REGINA POLONIAE CZESTOCHOWA, all 26 mm in diameter, UNC
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