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Charles de Cobenzl Minister Plenipotentiary under Empress Maria Theresia (1753-1770)
#510128 1759, AE medal by Roettiers commemorating Charles de Cobenzl receiving Order of the Golden Fleece , Kenis 344, obv: bust right CAR.C.COBENZL AUG.IN BELG.ADMINIST, rx: STATUTA - ORDINIS on an open book, surrounded by the order of the Golden Fleece, GRATITUDO - AUGUSTORUM around, F.X.DECR.S.P.Q.B / 1759 in exergue in 2 lines, 33 mm in diameter, XF-AU
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#510157 1776, AE jeton, obv: scale with Sun to the r, and blessing hand from a cloud to the l. on top, bee hive below and RESPONDENT INTIMA QUANTO around, rx: coat of arms, L.C.RV.ERT.C.O.M.M.M.Z.Z.1776, 25 mm in diameter, VF-XF
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#430131 1913, Bronze and 5-color enamel square medal commemorating the National Exhibition of Sports and Tourism in s-Gravenhage (Hague) in 1913, 47 mm x 55 mm, AU
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