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#400193 ND, Onyx, Marble and Bronze Patriotic Desk Display Commemorating the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1938). On marble and onyx base three plaques depicting both presidents and the coat of arms are attached. Tomas Masaryk, President Liberator (1918-1935), from 1937 filed down medal by Otakara Spaniel "In Memoriam of Masaryk's Death", on the right, Edvard Benes, President Builder (1935-1938) from uniface plaque by K. Otahal on the left, and a Czechoslovakian Rampant Lion in the middle. 325 x 125mm, 80 mm each medal. AU
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#450046 1935, March 7, Kremnica Mint, AE medal by O. Spaniel, Commemorating 85th Birthday of Tomas Masaryk, First President of Czechoslovakia, in original Mint Box, 50mm in diameter, AU
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Socialist Republic (1948-1990)
#390553 1981 Brass colored uniface porcelain medallion commemorating 60 years of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. 93 mm in diameter. XF
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