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#250020p Austria, 1 Krone, 1.12.1916, P20, UNC buy it

#250267p France 5 francs, 5.4.1945, P 98a, F-VF buy it
#250191ap Hong Kong 01.01.1985 10 dollars, The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation, P 191a, VF buy it
#250191apa Hong Kong 01.01.1986 10 dollars, The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation, P 191a, VF buy it
#250401pa Hong Kong 04.01.2007 10 dollars, Government Of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, P 401, CU buy it

#250400p Indonesia, Bank Indonesia, 1.1.1959 10 Rupiah, P 66, UNC buy it
#250401p Indonesia, Bank Indonesia, 1.1.1959 25 Rupiah, P 67, UNC buy it

#250550 Malaya, Japanese Occupation WWII, Japanese Government, 50 cents, ND(1942), PM4b, UNC buy it

#250660 Mozambique, ND(1976) 100 escudos, P 117, UNC.
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#2600 An extraordinary collection of almost 1200 Russian banknotes of last Imperial issue of 1898-1912 with variety of combinations of signatures of cashiers with prefix letters.
Many recent Russian publications reflect rarity of some cashiers signatures, but what really makes a banknote rare is not just who signed banknotes, but also when he signed it.
Enormous size country demanded 52 cashiers to be involved in co-signing notes with director of the bank.

At the beginning of issue the rate of Russian rouble to a dollar was 2 to 1 and a 500 rouble note could have been exchanged in any bank in the world for equivalent of $250 in gold. By the end of WWI, Russian rouble was about 18 cents. Obviously much less of valuable note with AA prefix letters were printed than later even AH prefix issues regardless how common signature of a cashier may be. It is a combination of both that make a note rare.

If you would like to see the contents of the collection with breakdown to the names of directors of the banks, chronology of prefix issues, numbers of cashiers signing each issue and number of notes in this collection please let us know and we will send you the complete list. Detailed Excel files are available for each denomination that will fully explain what notes are in this collection and are available on request.

59 notes • 1 rouble from 1898, 163 notes • 3 roubles from 1905, 233 notes • 5 roubles from 1909, 325 notes • 10 roubles from 1909, 93 notes • 25 roubles from 1909, 4 notes • 50 roubles from 1899, 230 notes • 100 roubles from 1910, 55 notes - 500 roubles from 1912. Total of all notes: 1,162

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