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#450136 ND, Old carved bamboo inro, utilizing very unusually shaped stem of bamboo with dark wood lid with sitting frog carved on it, Bamboo part of inro has floral carving all around, not signed, 145 mm tall, 73 mm wide and 45 mm thick.
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#450140 ND, Wooden netsuke of a lying dog, not signed, well carved and old, 47 mm long, 23 mm tall, from a Chicago collector.
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#31h2019 Bronze and some gilt Yatate Edo opium pipe, with dragon and leaf design, 300 mm long, 100 mm tall and 70 mm wide, in great condition
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#32h2019 ND, unsigned bone netsuke of a laying goat, 25 mm tall, 49 mm long, 21 mm wide
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