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#133 1953, 1-Mar-53, Bronze Ohio Sesquicentennial Official Medallion by Medallic Art Co, N.Y. E. Frey Medallist, 69 mm in original box with certificate, UNC
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#134 1996 Bronze medal of Northwestern University awarded to Stanton R. Cook, Life Trustee In Grateful Recognition. Stanton Cook was Publisher and CEO of Chicago Tribune Media Group. He was a remarkable man. Besides outstanding career as a publisher of one of the most important newspaper in the U.S., he was instrumental in purchase of the Chicago Cubs by Tribune in 1981 for 20.5 million dollars that in 2009 Tribune sold for 245 millions. As a Northwestern University Trustee he helped to raise 30 million dollars for the School of Engineering with contribution of 2 million dollars of his own. The medal is 76 mm in diameter housed in custom made mahogany box with brass name plaque. UNC
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