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Gustav II Adolf (1594-1632)
#034 1628, 1 ore, KM 117, Ahl 152c(rare), some verdigris, VF
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Carl XII (1697-1718)
#035 1718, Saturn, 1 daler s.m. (Görtz daler), KM 358, Ahl 214, rx prototype for Russian denga of 1730-1754, The name Görtz daler refers to Gottorp-Holstein's baron Georg Heinrich von Schlitz (called Görtz), Geheimrat and finance minister of Sweden who proposed this emergency issue with a promise to take them back at face value and exchange for real money. The project failed miserably and Görtz was beheaded in Stockholm in February 1719. If in the beginning coins were accepted yet only for half their nominal value i.e. 16 öre, soon after the remaining coins began to circulate as 1-öre-pieces and some of them were overstruck with the new value. VF-XF
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